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Michiko Zentoh


As an independent producer, director, fixer, photographer and writer, I have more than 20 years of experience managing & coordinating multiple travel and research-intensive projects for various global clients in industries including private and public broadcasters, universities, corporations, and government entities.

The combination of having been raised in a very traditional Japanese family of four-generations in one household in Kobe, Japan which has run a whole sale of salt for more than 400 years, and having lived, traveled and worked in over 50 different countries developed my skill to analyze, digest, and adapt many challenging and multi-cultural environment to create value-changing projects and lead them to a success.
Especially for love of “understanding & celebrating the differences”.

Specialized in Japanese traditional culture in relation with modern global society.
Done many projects on food & culture aspects of the world, started with field producing for programs for Mr. Anthony Bourdain.

Representative of former Zentoh Associates; currently Beneroots, LLC.


Being a film producer, director, fixer and writer specialized in Japanese culture, history, ancient wisdom, and folklore culture, I can pull our very unique and profound stories out and make attractive programs in many different forms.

My stories are about covering and digesting foreign cultures from multiple perspectives. I also specialize in making stories and writing in the context of comparative culture, introducing Japan to the world. And of course, I would like my clients to be comfortable.

I am also able to assist personal requests for foreign actors, artists, and luxury travelers to Japan, handling tasks as simple as secretarial work or as challenging as custom tailored tours.

I am flexible to meet various tasks, so please feel free to contact me for anything.

I invite you to come along to explore the wonder of Japan!!!!

Michiko Zentoh



Language in service: English, Spanish and Japanese

Please visit our One-Stop Solution for Movie/ Film production company website Beneroots, LLC. for more services in Movie/ film production, and Cultural branding & Language assisting.

Our major clients include: National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Travel Channel, Netflix, PBS, CBS, BBC, NHK, and United Nations.